6 a.m wakeup today as we head towards Versailles to explore the royal living quarters of Marie Antoinette. On the coach journey we watched the Sophie Copella film Marie Antoinette to give us an insight into the life that she lived in the palace that we were visiting. The grand palace was overwhelming with the amount of space in each room surrounded by elaborate wallpaper, gold framed paintings and chandeliers. I noticed that the wallpaper was textured with velvet raised patterns creating depth to the walls.

As you can see it was snowing today and the gardens were covered in thick white. It was too cold to walk around outside so we just admired them from the windows in the palace. It was difficult to comprehend that people actually lived in such a grand place with so many rooms and living space.

At the end of the palace tour we came to the famous L’aduree boutique where they sold the most amazingly flavoured macaroons and cakes. This is the look book that was on display in the shop featuring all the beautiful products avaiable.

Talking about food we decided to grab some lunch from the ‘Creperie’ located just outside the palace. Helena and I then had galettes filled with aubergine, sundried tomatoes and Mozzarella. Yum yum!

I found this local newspaper in the Creperie that we ate lunch in but unfortunately it was all in French so I couldn't read it. Flicking through the paper it looked as though it included articles on art and culture in Versaille as it has quite a rich history.
After an early start we arrived back at the hotel around 3, so we decided to have a rest and get ready to go to the social at De La Ville cafe. When we arrived at the social our tutors were having dinner there and told us that the food was brilliant so we decided to eat there with some of the girls on our course. The restaurant was so unusual and exciting at the same time. In the section we ate in the walls had dead butterflies in frames and empty medicine bottles on shelves.

It had a real vintage aesthetic to it which I loved about the place. After having dinner we decided to head out to what was number 1 on the top 10 ‘fashionable hang outs’ in Paris. The bar was called ‘Zero Zero’ and when we arrived we weren’t sure whether we had come to the wrong place. All I can say is that it was not what we expected which was a chic trendy bar! The interior of the bar was covered in graffiti and old fashioned wallpaper.