Just as I managed to catch up on my short nights of sleep in Paris, I get ill again with the flew. It’s all you need when your back in the UK with endless amounts of rain and snow showers. However whislt sitting in bed feeling sorry for myself I came across this fantastical window display in Printemps department store in Paris. The theme of the display was Alice in Wonderland, topical for the moment as the film is being released on Friday. I feel as though the window displays create a magical, fantasy world for consumers to engage with especially with the oversized objects and bunny mannequins dressed in designer clothes.

I believe that fantasy and make believe is an area that consumers are particularly keen on due to the images and illusions that can be taken from it. By placing designers such as Christopher Kane, Maison Martin and Chloe it helps us visualise the fantasy of Alice and Wonderland, but at the same time come back to reality and appreciate the beautiful tailoring and detail of the garments.