Choosing a lipstick to put on when going out is just as difficult as choosing what to wear! I have a slight obsession with lipstick and even more of an obsession with a particular shade. To keep all my lipsticks and other beauty products organised I purchased these clear, acrylic drawers from Muji. I just bought 3 drawers but I may need to upgrade to one with five drawers very soon. 
Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in shade ‘Penelope Pink’ has a beautiful, rich texture once applied to the lips and seems to stay on for at least 4hrs. I usually apply a lip balm before any lipstick but I don’t have to with this one. The sleek, gold packaging is super premium and comfortable to hold when applying.
Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo – This is my latest addition to the lipstick drawer, which I knew was going to happen once I had entered the world of SpaceNK. It is just a beauty haven and every time I go in I always seem to spend! I chose number 1 in the nude collection as it had slightly more pink tone which suited my skin better but the other shades are also very versatile. What I like most about this product is the crayon style applicator and smooth gliding effect it gave. It has a satin like finish which I would say is in between matte and gloss. However once it settles on your lips it does feel a little dry. These cost £22.00 and are available at SpaceNK.
Rouge D’Armani lipstick- I have had this lipstick for more than a year and wear it once a week and it still has quite a lot left. One application is all you need for 8 hours of wear, it’s actually amazing! I also love the magnetic closure and premium black design. This lipstick has a gloss finish without any stickiness and is super hydrating.
MAC Satin Lipstick in shade ‘Twig’ is my most sophisticated of the nude lipsticks as it is slightly darker in colour. This is my day to night lipstick which has a long lasting intense shade and looks great with almost any outfit.