It might seem a little boring that I am writing a post on a paper company called GF Smith, but I was amazed by the vast range of techniques used on certain types of paper. GF Smith is the leading specialist paper company in the UK and below you can see samples of brochures or look books that they have produced recently. It was interesting to see a fashion poster printed onto a paper with the same quality of newspaper, and then at the other end of the scale to have foiled and glossy pages used in high fashion look books.

The reason why I have become emerged in different types of printing and paper qualities is because I am currently designing my own business card which needs to reflect my own personality by conveying them through the texture or style of paper it will be printed on.

Talking about paper techniques, laser cutting is extremely popular and can be used in my ways one being in fabric creating intricate gaments with unique detail on. I found these examples of catwalk collections all taking similar inspiration. The tehnique allows the fabric to be manipulated in a delicate way.