In uni, a couple of weeks ago we had an exciting visit from the host of the luxury accessories brand, Cherchbi. The collection is all British made and inspired by english heritage and culture, using the finest of leather sourced and produced locally. Aftert taking a closer look at the peices I noticed the fine detail and quality that had been put into each item to make it unique. Each leather man bag would be slightly different due to the colourways in the leather. The prices range in the collection from £30 for a brass handmade keyring to a £900 leather man bag. This was not surprising after feeling the quality and handmade touch of the peices.

Cherchbi is a unique luxury goods brand due to it being locally sourced and having a handmade aethetic. The chocolate coloured leather used in most of the collection is ideal for many seasons and won’t go out of fashion for a while, therefore investing in a Cherchbi bag will be something you may use for life, although as a student I definately won’t be buying one. I believe that in a few years time there will be many more brands following what Cherchbi does and produce things locally and handmade, cutting down on mass production and the idea of everyone owning the same fashion item.