Tribal seems to be everywhere this season, you just can’t ignore it. Bold, futuristic prints and splashes of accent colour are combined to create the ultimate ‘futuribal’ trend (which yes I did just make up, incase you were wondering). This is a collection of all my favourite images that represent tribal in some way, whether it be the texture or bold print on the clothing, to the pose and feel of the imagery. Each year, it gains importance as designers interpret the trend in varied ways, which is always exciting.

My pick of the week magazine is I-D, for its creative photo shoots and interesting articles. However, the best part was flicking though and coming across a 10 page spread titled, “The Global Traveller” dedicated entirely to creative styling of global and tribal fashion. Instead of boring you with loads of large images, I created a mood board of all the photoshoots to show you how amazing and original the shoots are. I can see myself wearing the black and white tribal print leggings in the near future. Love, love, love all accessories and head pieces used!

In case you were wondering where you can purchase something as amazing as the collections in the photo shoots, many high fashion designers including Paul Smith, Givenchy and Kenzo have based their entire Spring/Summer collections on tribal prints and shapes. However, it has rapidly filtered down into the high street and sold in shops like Zara, Mango, H&M; and Topshop.

Below, a collection I created for ‘The Global Traveller’.