According to ‘Stylist Magazine’ this month Cambodia is the number 1 holiday destination this year followed by Finland then North East Thailand. My experience of Cambodia is certainly different to that of ‘Stylist Magazine’ maybe because I was traveling around the country on a flashpackers budget! This meant staying in low cost accommodation, having done plenty of research my boyfriend and I were able to stay in boutique hotels at a fraction of the price of tourist hotels. The photos I have posted are just a select few from the hundreds I took to give you a flavour of Cambodia. The culture in Siem Reap is like nothing you will ever experience. The people are extremely friendly and welcoming, the food is great and some of the sights are breathtaking. Siem Reap is famous for the temple Angkor Wat which is one of many situated in the Angkor Wat area. All of the temples are slightly different and each with rich history. If you are seriously thinking about visiting Cambodia then I suggest you book something soon before it becomes too commercial! It really is an untouched and beautiful country.