IMG_3066I have recently discovered Suqqu, the Japanese skincare brand located in the beauty hall in Selfridges. I was invited along to experience their famous Gankin facial massage which is meant to increase blood circulation and oxygen to the face, reduce sagging around the eyes and tighten pores. I would highly recommend this facial, it’s like a deep tissue massage but on the face. You can feel pressure but in a good way. The therapist used pressure on different points of the face to tighten and plump the skin. The treatment lasted about 30 minutes but the massage part only lasted about 15 minutes. My skin felt fresh and glowy straight after the treatment.

Suqqu have just launched a new skincare range called ‘Light Solutions’ which claims to create pure, fresh looking skin with glowing radiance. The products are enriched with lactic acid whey which plumps the skin and enables it to retain moisture and radiance. I was kindly given some samples to try at home, enough to last 3 weeks and I have been using these products daily to test them out.

The skincare is applied in 3 stages, the first is the light solution essence which is a serum that sinks into the skin instantly leaving it smooth and hydrated. A little sticky on the hands but instantly melts away leaving no residue. The second stage is to apply the Light Solution Lotion using a cotton wool pad. The formula is similar to a liquid toner. This product helps the skin to produce moisture from within, creating radiant and fully hydrated skin. The final step is to apply the Light Solution Fluid which is a cream base that holds moisture in the skin to prevent it from escaping. The range does give you a refreshing and cooling feeling from the very first step. After three weeks of use, I have seen a difference in my skin. It feels smoother, brighter and more supple.

I genuinely am very impressed with this range, but at £100 for the 50ml Light Solution Essence, it’s certainly not accessible for everyone. The range is available to buy at Selfridges.

Anyone recommend a similar skincare routine?