dsc03651I have been trying out different haircare products since my new hair style which you can see here and I’ve realised that you have to use the right products to maintain the health of your hair (especially after colouring your hair for years). When I was sent these John Frieda haircare products I was really excited to try them out and I’m so glad I did! Firstly, both the shampoo and conditioner smell amazing and make the experience of washing your hair much more enjoyable. Since using these products from the sheer blonde range I have already noticed a difference in the brightness of my colour. I tend to alternate between different shampoos as I suffer from dry scalp so I have been using these John Frieda products every other wash to stop my colour from looking dull and to keep my hair feeling smooth, shiny and hydrated. You only need a very small amount of shampoo to create a frothy lather, which means that these 250ml size bottles do last a long time. I would definitely recommend these products to anyone with coloured hair.

  dsc03647 dsc03650 dsc03652  This go blonder lightening treatment is so easy to use and I was really impressed with the results after trying it out. You only have to leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing it off whilst in the shower. I like this product because it allows you to go longer between appointments, and for even better results use with the Hi-impact sheer blonde shampoo and conditioner as it does make a big difference. Let me know if you recommend any other colour haircare products.

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