Pink Parcel is monthly subscription box for that time of the month when you just need a pick me up. When I first heard about Pink Parcel I was a little dubious of another subscription box but this one is certainly original and unique in its offering. Every month around same time each month I would want to stay in and curl up on the couch and eat chocolate so a delivery for the time of the month that not only includes sanitary towels and tampons but also some treats for you to indulge in seemed perfect. The box can be personalised to suit your needs, so you want to choose sanitary towels or tampons depending on your preference. A little pouch is also provided for you to keep all your items discreet. The box itself is beautifully presented and contains a ‘for you’, ‘for night’ and ‘for later’ boxes. 

My favourite section of the box was the ‘for you’ part which contains lots of little treats including bodywash, 10ml purse spray, chocolates, an eye mask, green tea and a lip scrub. Lots of nice beauty products to help you relax and indulge during this time of the month. This is just an example of the type of products you may receive in your box but you can also select which brands you want to receive which is very clever. My favourite product from one of their recent boxes was the waterproof mascara by The Beauty Crop which I took on holiday with me and wore it every day, it was great! For £12.99 a month you will receive pampering products worth at least £40 and three lots of sanitary towels or tampons so I’d say its definitely worth the money.  *Pink Parcel sent me this box to review, as always my opinions remain my own