I recently attended the launch night of Leaf in Manchester, located in the heart of the city centre on Portland street. This place is more than just a restaurant, but a venue that holds gigs, events and even pudding clubs! It is also famous for its large selection of teas serving over 60 different variations. Leaf began in Liverpool as a small tea shop in 2007 which was ran by two friends and soon expanded into a more well known creative space. All the food is locally sourced and is served pretty much all day so the choice is yours.

It’s a great spot for a breakfast meeting if you like porridge or cinnamon toast and is also a cosy place to visit with friends for dinner where you can choose from a hearty Lebanese stew or soy and honey glazed beef fillet. The venue also houses a large bar area where they serve tea leaf infused cocktails so it is certainly worth a visit! dsc03124dsc03120 dsc03125dsc03152 dsc03158dsc03162dsc03163